How to Grow your IT Business with Managed Marketing?
Managed Marketing for IT

“Marketing is one of the biggest areas partners need help with,” said Boon Lai, vice president of global partner marketing at Cisco.

As a business owner, marketing is not your #1 priority – you’ve got many other aspects of your business to attend to. But just because you don’t have the time to plan and execute marketing activities, doesn’t mean that you forget about it altogether.

So, the question is then, how do you optimize your resources and where do you focus your marketing investment?

Done-For-You Marketing for MSP’s

If you’re struggling to find clarity in your marketing plan or you’re simply not sure where to start, you’re not alone.

In fact, marketing and sales emerged as the top MSP challenge revealed in a survey, with 53% of the respondents citing that area as a tough task.

“So much of this comes down to dedicating time and resources,” Austin McChord, CEO at Datto, said. “Almost every MSP I talk to wants to do better in sales and marketing, but they rarely are resourcing those areas of their business correctly.

Sales and marketing take time and effort, and that can take away from the time an MSP has for its customers.”

The main goal of marketing for IT MSPs is to expand brand awareness and attract new customers.

Managed Marketing Services for IT MSPs

IT Marketing - CX Atelier

Marketing for MSP’s requires a different approach and a deep understanding of the industry and technology trends. CX Atelier offers technology-focused marketing support as an answer to the very common gap in MSP capabilities to execute marketing activities in-house.

Other activities within our managed marketing services include campaign creation, done-for-you program execution, customized lead funnels and in-depth reporting to ensure that you’re getting the best ROI possible on your marketing investment.

Marketing Designed for IT MSPs

We lead all our marketing strategies with one goal as the most important: to help you generate brand awareness and drive more revenue with customer experience (CX) focused campaigns.

This means that all of our services are designed to be different. While it is managed marketing services, nothing about your marketing strategy will be cookie-cutter. Instead, we work with you to create a brand that has a unique positioning and that resonates with your audience.

We make your brand standout where your customers are taking decisions with our full set of marketing services designed for MSP’s:

  • Online Presence Management. We help you control the accuracy of your business listings across the web. Stay on top of everything from your Google My Business to every directory listing.
  • Digital Assets. We develop for you a wide range of assets, such as video, case studies, presentations, infographics, and email campaigns.
  • Social. Social media is a powerful online marketing tool, but so few businesses use it to its fullest sales and marketing potential. We help you turn social media into a revenue-generating machine for your business.
  • Advertising. We help you target your ideal customers who are already searching for services like yours.
  • Copywriting. Use the power of persuasive copywriting to appeal to business and technology decision-makers with informative, high-quality content that answers all of their objections.
  • SEO. Get more qualified leads with a strong SEO optimized strategy that attracts your ideal prospect.

At CX Atelier, we know building an online presence can be overwhelming when flying solo. We are experts in marketing for B2B technology companies, and we know the strategies you need to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

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