SEO For IT Service Providers.

CX Atelier is dedicated to helping IT businesses boost their digital presence. We help you analyse your current digital footprint and create a customized SEO plan to increase website traffic, brand presence and lead generation.

We believe your web presence is key to attracting and qualifying your ideal customer.

Stop chasing leads and build an automated funnel that brings you a continuous stream of ideal prospects.

SEO for IT

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SEO for IT for IT Service Providers

Why is SEO crucial for IT Service Providers?

The Managed Service IT marketplace is a crowded space. To stand out from your competition, you need to be found online by your ideal prospects. SEO is the way to boost your search engine rankings and online visibility.

We have a holistic approach to SEO; We analyse the technical aspects of your website that can limit your SEO performance and we help you build a content strategy that ranks your website for the right keywords.

ROI Tracking

Performance Driven

Monitor and improve your return on investment with monthly proof-of-performance reports. 




When we kick off your SEO campaign, we will assign a dedicated SEO expert that will conduct a thorough analysis of your company’s current digital footprint. You will then get a good picture of where you stand in the IT Service providers industry and in comparison, with your local and national competitors.

Competitive Research: Where do your competitors concentrate their marketing efforts? Traffic, audience, lead gen sources, regional presence.

Market Analysis: Audience interests and Demographics.



Optimizing your site’s content is crucial to help Google understand it and rank it in search results.

We conduct a complete technical analysis of your website to identify elements that can affect your rankings: loading speed, site structure, meta data, code, mobile optimization.

We then make detailed and step by step recommendations for an immediate improvement of your site’s structure.

Our web developers can also implement these recommendations for you.


Finding the best target keywords and strategically incorporating them throughout your site is the foundation of a successful SEO strategy for your IT company.

We help you identify which keywords people are using to look for your IT services and we narrow down the best keywords to target for your website based on: search volume, competition, relevance and profitability.



We create a custom content strategy tailored to your company’s business goals and aligned with your target keywords. You will get a content marketing calendar with recommended topics and sub-topics.

Our talented team is specialized in IT copywriting and can provide you with regular copy that creates traffic to your website and builds trust with your audience.


For Google to identify your website as trustworthy, you need other relevant websites to link back to it.
Which is why we identify the right network of websites based on your location and services and distribute content on your behalf in the form of:

  • Article Engagement
  • Website Bookmarking
  • Business Directory Submissions
  • Custom Blog Publications
  • Custom Article Publications
  • Infographic Syndication

When it comes to backlinks we believe in organic growth and relevancy. We don’t condone spammy, black hat SEO strategies. We only link your website to trustworthy and relevant websites.

The IT Content Waterfall Strategy:

We have developed the “IT Content Waterfall Strategy” to illustrate the fluid nature of main topics spilling over into smaller topics via more compact mediums like featured results on SERPs (Search result pages). It is in our experience the most efficient way to build content that ranks for your IT business.

Pillar content (the heart of your topic; your key expertise) should be showcased in long form articles and complemented with sub-topic blogs.

Micro content: We aim to rank your content in featured results by aligning it with frequently asked questions in the IT industry to give you prime visibility in search results.

The IT Content Waterfall Strategy

Continued Improvement

SEO is an ongoing strategy. We partner with you to deliver consistent results over time that build your website’s value and trustworthiness.
Reap continued benefits overtime as your ideal customers get attracted to your website and expertise.

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